sugar free 香草 extract


Make your own sugar free 香草 extract: as easy as child’s play.


谁不’喜欢香气和味道vouring that 香草 在fuses 在to food and drink? Not to mention the scent it gives to creams, lotion, perfumes, car fresheners, candles, herbal oils and so on. There is something about this sweet smell that just makes you feel gooey soft and satisfied.

sugar-free 香草 extract
sugar-free 香草 extract

几个世纪以来,众所周知,甜香具有壮阳作用和镇定作用,而 香兰素 豆荚中所含的具有抗细菌,抗真菌和抗氧化特性,仅举几例。

当然,这适用于自然 香草 豆。最‘vanilla’不幸的是,今天有香味的产品’t actually contain any 香草 at all, but just a synthetic mix that mimics the real thing. I say 不幸,因为当我们吸入这些香精时,我们只是不’意识到它们可能对我们的肺部和环境都有害。但是那’s another story. When it comes to 香草 used 在 food, there are also options, but essentially the two choices are 自然 or .

When 香草 isn’t 香草

如今,‘vanilla’ as a cooking 在gredient is sold everywhere and there are lots of choices at a variety of prices. So how do you decide whether to buy vanilla beans (pods), 香草 extract, 香草 paste, 香草 flavouring 要么 香草 essence? This clearly depends on what the recipe actually calls for 要么 how you want to use it. For example, I wouldn’梦想用豆子和种子以外的任何东西来做 潘纳陶砖 要么 卡仕达酱, 但是如果想要更细微的蛋糕混合口味,我会使用自己的提取物。


要么ganic 香草 beans
要么ganic 香草 beans

Why bother to make your own sugar free 香草 extract?

为什么不?它’s cheaper. Natural. Quick. Easy. Have a go and you will never shop for 香草 extract again.

再加上什么’s more is that you can use my 香草 extract to make a scrumptious sugar free 香草 paste 太!

All you have to do is buy the best 香草 beans you can afford and some ethanol 要么 vodka, dig out a sealable glass bottle (I use recycled 125-150ml medicine bottles) and you’re almost there!

My advice 在 terms of buying 香草 beans is to avoid supermarkets and shops like the plague. Instead, go online and you will find huge, plump, 要么ganic 香草 beans at a fraction of high street prices.



  • 产量: 150ml
  • 服务: 5ml
  • 卡路里: 0
  • 脂肪: 0
  • 净碳水化合物: 0
  • 蛋白: 0
食谱类型: 自己做
美食: 生酮作用。无糖。 LCHF。低碳水化合物。无谷物。不含麸质。
Your own sugar free and 自然 香草 extract 在 2 minutes and 2 easy steps.
  1. 将豆切成两半,使其适合您选择的容器,并对其进行纵向评分,以露出种子。
  2. 将它们放在密封的玻璃容器中(我使用了125ml的琥珀色玻璃药瓶),并用伏特加酒或乙醇覆盖,摇晃并储存起来,远离热量和阳光。
  3. 时不时摇动瓶子。提取物将在6-8周后准备使用。
It can be kept 在definitely and topped up as and when with alcohol and more 香草 beans.


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